Unparalleled industry insight and technical expertise

Talking about outdoors provision to fit the market.

As an active guide and coach I offer much more than other generic consultants, as I understand the practicalities of real-world delivery of outdoor initiatives and projects.

I'm one of the most broadly qualified and experienced people in the outdoor industry, with a wealth of knowledge to share and a ton of experience in shaping the sector. I work with clients and governing bodies inside and outside the outdoor industry to share best practice and technical advice, advise on service design, and review schemes and initiatives.

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Professional services


ABCTT Executive Officer

With a degree in industrial design, and experience as a director on numerous boards, I offer 360-degree leadership - from boardroom strategy to shop-floor delivery - to organisations within the outdoors sector.  

Presentations and events


Taking MPs kayaking on the Thames

I bring real world applications of decision making, leadership and risk management into the workplace, delivering inspirational keynotes, team events and management training sessions that help people to get outdoors more and to think differently.

Industry reviews


National award scheme design and review

I bring an objective view (and comparisons from my extensive experience across the sector) to organisations and projects, ensuring that everything's customer focused, fit for purpose and meets the latest best practice and industry standards.

Research and reports


Getting Active Outdoors - Sport England

I provide insight-led research, reports and reviews to charities, trusts and other organisations who have a drive to get more people more active outdoors, but need a little help engaging with the outdoor sector.

Key roles and projects

  • Sport England: Co-authored Getting Active Outdoors, a  groundbreaking 130-page report that changed the way the outdoors was understood, valued and measured. In turn, this directly influenced (and features in) the UK Government's 2015 sport strategy, "Sporting Future - A New Strategy for an Active Nation"

  • NICAS/ABC Training Trust: Executive Officer, leading ABCTT to adopt the SRA Voluntary Code for Good Governance, launch new bouldering award scheme, and fulfil the potential of the National Indoor Climbing Award Schemes

  • Mountain Training England: Quality Assurance Review. Completed detailed review of policies and procedures, and benchmarked these against other NGBs

  • Forestry Commission: Evaluation of Active Forests programme

  • British Canoeing: Review of Performance Award scheme

  • Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland: Strategic facilitation


Key presenting engagements

  • Keynotes and conferences: British Canoeing, British Cycling, Snowsport England

  • Motivational talks and team building events: Entrust, Scott Sports, Parliamentary paddling

  • Educational workshops and CPD: PWC club matters, Sport England webinars, Mountain Training coach courses

  • Senior team leadership and risk management: NetNames, Beehive CLD, Alstom Power, Bangor University

Martin brought a different perspective to coaching my leadership team than you normally find from management coaches. When he talks about the need to understand personalities and capabilities, and build teamwork in expedition situations, it really cuts through and inspires people to do the same in the business world.
— Gary McIlraith, ex-CEO NetNames Group Limited
Martin reviewed our Personal Performance Awards. The complex nature of this piece of work required an eye for detail, comprehensive analytical skills, varied practical experience and a high level of coaching knowledge and application. Such a diverse skill set is a unique combination and it’s harder to imagine anyone better suited than Martin.

— Lee Pooley, British Canoeing Head of Coaching and Qualifications

Some of my consultancy clients