Martin brings a quiet leadership and quickly develops a trust with his clients, which installs a great team ethic within the group. Being in the high mountains and exposed to their dangers requires a combination of knowledge, preparation, understanding, a sixth sense and an ability to communicate in the most effective and succinct manner. Martin uses all these elements to ensure the safety of the people with whom to share his love of the mountains. I cannot wait to do another tour with him.
— Konrad Bartelski, Olympian, passionate skier and photographer
Martin is the best ski mountaineering guide I have worked with. He goes the extra mile to understand the capabilities of everyone in the group and make sure that everyone achieves what they want to on every trip. He is always keen to share his knowledge on routes, weather, snow conditions and anything else that will make us better ski mountaineers in the future.
— Gary, after nine annual trips
Before going it was hard to imagine just how much joy I would find in our trip. I was filled with a lot of nervous anticipation. However from day one Martin has a way of inspiring not only trust in his leadership, but trust in my own ability to safely explore the off piste world. It was beyond brilliant.
— Felicity, off piste in Foux d’Allos
I had heard from a friend how much he enjoyed the trips Martin organised, so one year was pleased to join up with a group and spend three days in a hut. It was such fun that I wanted to share it with some other people I also skied with who had never been on longer, more adventurous tours. I was quite nervous as I had talked them into coming and felt personally responsible, but they all said afterwards what a great time they had had. Their skiing improved, their knowledge and confidence in their choices around the mountain all improved. It wasn’t just grinding uphill, we found the best snow we could, lots of shared wonder in the views and a few beers as well.
— Graham, Mercantour Day Tours
As an experienced ski mountaineer I tend not to go on “organised” or commercial holidays. When Martin invited me to Arctic Norway I was intrigued. He built a great team of like minded individuals, organised an incredible trip and adapted every day to make the very best of the conditions. I wouldn’t hesitate a moment to go on any trip, on any continent, that Martin guided.
— Andrew Denton, modern founder of Mountain Equipment and ski mountaineer for 30+ years


When the Sports Minster appointed me to co-chair a National Strategy for Outdoor Recreation, which in turn meant a research project in partnership with Sport England, I could think of no better research consultant to turn to than Martin. His knowledge and contacts in the outdoor recreation industry are outstanding and he really help mould the research project, which in turn made a big impact on the governments sport strategy and the inclusion of outdoor recreation.
— Andrew Denton, CEO of the Outdoor Industries Association and Secretary General of the ‘It’s Great Out There’ Coalition - the campaign to get Europe active outdoors
Martin brought a different perspective to coaching my leadership team than you normally find from management coaches. When he talks about the need to understand personalities and capabilities, and build teamwork in expedition situations, it really cuts through and inspires people to do the same in the business world.
— Gary McIlraith, ex-CEO, NetNames Group
I cannot thank Martin enough for everything (I can’t list all the benefits, so I use “everything”). There are serious discussions in many quarters as a result of his visit. I thank him again for exciting our state - I look forward to collaborating with him into the future”
— Senior Policy Officer, Outdoor Recreation for Western Australian Government (after delivering the keynote to their national conference in Perth, WA)
When I was technical director for the British Mountain Guides my role was to oversee and develop of the training of new mountain guides. One of the key jobs of any technical director is to get the right staff and with the physical performance and coaching course I had a short list of one guide I wanted to take on the role of coordinating, developing and delivering this course.

Martin brings a unique blend of skills to this and the many other roles he undertakes. When I decided to ask Martin to take on the role of course convener I wanted his experience and ability to identify the areas for development and then to take the course forward developing the highest possible level of coaching for our trainee mountain guides.

I am very proud to have been able to work with Martin during my time as Technical Director he has been a massive influence in the development of Mountain Guide Training in the UK.

On a personal note I have also had the pleasure of working alongside Martin as a guide; he is a thorough professional and an absolute pleasure to work alongside.
— Bruce Goodlad, Technical Director, British Mountain Guides
Knowing what people want from their sporting experience is essential if we’re going to make the opportunities absolutely right for them. [Martin’s] report will help us to understand the outdoors and the opportunities it presents.
— Jennie Price, CEO, Sport England


Martin reviewed our Personal Performance Awards. The complex nature of this piece of work required an eye for detail, comprehensive analytical skills, varied practical experience and a high level of coaching knowledge and application. Such a diverse skill set is a unique combination and it’s harder to imagine anyone better suited than Martin.
— Lee Pooley, British Canoeing Head of Coaching and Qualifications
Martin Chester is a world class climbing coach.
— Hidden Talent on Channel 4
Martin has an unrivalled knowledge and experience of applying the coaching process across a number of sports and contexts. With years of practical application at all levels, combined with his project management skills, it is hard to imagine anyone better placed to develop and launch our Coaching Award Scheme.
— John Cousins, Chief Executive of Mountain Training UK
I’ve been on a number of coaching workshops with Martin (at both Plas y Brenin and Glenmore Lodge). All were excellent, inspiring courses and I use the things my eyes were opened to on these courses on a daily basis when working. Get on one and have an epiphany!
— Alan Halewood, mountaineering instructor, Fort William