Fall Line 86 - Early Season Treasures


Unstable snow packs, boulders disguised under light dustings of powder, crevasses masked by early drifts - there are plenty of good reasons for not donning a pair of skins until Spring.But choose carefully and there are amazing fresh tracks out there. Here, five British Mountain Guides suggest their favourite early season ski tours. . .

This was one of the first articles I undertook for the Back-Country section of Fall Line Magazine, whilst I held the post of Publicity Officer for the British Mountain Guides. I used the idea of assembling articles based on the extensive experience (and image galleries) of the British Mountain Guides. In this manner it was easy and quick to assemble articles that were topical, informative and bang up to date - without extensive (and expensive) research and trips.

This series of articles ran on this model for a couple of years, and gained a huge amount of editorial exposure for the Guides at minimal expense to anyone (least of all the professional association). I am sure you will agree it is preferable to, and far more interesting to read than, another expensive advert!

My specific contribution to this article was a short piece on the Vallon du Fontenil near Serre Chevalier in the Haues Alpes of France. It is a wonderful day tour - steep and secluded. Crowds are rae and the terrain is such that there is barely a duff turn or the need to pole for the whole day. Read them here: Early Season Treasures