Ski Touring & Mountaineering Kit List

Folk often ask for a comprehensive kit list for their trip. Whilst the specific details are often down to personal choice, a few of the basics are consistent. So here is my own pre-trip kit list, broken down into different sections to suit the type of trip you are going on. When selecting the items of clothing and kit in each category, especially if you are stepping up to touring from resort skiing, there are a couple of things you need to know. Most of your existing back-country from resort kit will do the trick. But we all know how hard it is deciding what to wear and what to pack . . .

Well this time you could be setting off for a week, not just a day. In that week, you could be sweating across glaciers in the midday sun, shivering up windswept ridges before dawn, and togged up in a blizzard before the week is out. To carry a layering system to wrap up for the coldest; and strip off when it gets hot requires three things:

  1. Lightweight layers

  2. Versatility of each item

  3. A big enough pack to get it all in

Download a handy pre-trip checklist